Gende Divide

STEM Gender Divide

STEM Gender Divide

Current efforts in education are working to eliminate the STEM gender divide. This visualization illustrates gender difference findings from our Ohio STEM Learning Network study. It highlights differences between boys’ and girls’ responses to each questionnaire item, without controlling for any other demographic, or school factors. Note that some visualized differences between boys and girls may not be statistically significant.

Outlier Research & Evaluation. (2012). [Quantitative student questionnaire data]. The STEM Gender Divide. Retrieved from

What is STEM School

What is STEM School?

What is a STEM School?

A Resource for Identifying and Measuring STEM Schools and Programs

STEM schools and programs are rapidly emerging as momentum to increase access to and improve STEM education continues to grow. With this comes an urgent need to develop shared language that will enable us to communicate with one another about what STEM schools and programs are.

With this in mind, this resource proposes a preliminary framework for specifically describing STEM schools and programs. The two “taxonomy” pages outline research and practitioner-identified components of STEM programs and STEM schools, and provide specific definitions for those components. The “F.A.Q.s and Other Issues” page provides explanations of our thinking, answers frequently asked questions, and offers ideas for consideration."

Learn more about STEM School Taxonomy and STEM Program Taxonomy as well as Resources and FAQ's on the projects website.

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Explore the STEM School Taxonomy and STEM Program Taxonomy as well as find further Resources and an FAQ's on the project's website.

STEM Infographic

STEM School Infographic

STEM School Infographic

There is a lot of talk about STEM schools today, but no agreed upon definition of what a STEM school is. STEM schools vary widely, and although each is unique, they do share some common characteristics. Our Ohio STEM Learning Network study and STEM School Study have identified STEM school components by asking the schools themselves to describe the parts of their schools that are the most essential. This is a visualization of some of those characteristics, or "components.” The current infographic, a product of the STEM School Study, is an updated version of the original produced during Ohio STEM Learning Network study.

Outlier Research & Evaluation. (2014). What do STEM schools do? 78 components of inclusive STEM high schools. Retrieved from

Feel free to use these resources in your presentations, white papers, or reports to support your STEM education programs. Please use the citations provided.
Archived Webinars

Archived Webinars

STEM School Partnerships

  • STEM School Partnerships at Dayton Regional STEM School
    This webinar provided an overview of the varied ways that schools enhance K–12 STEM teaching and learning through partnerships with entities such as STEM industry and business, community organizations, and higher education.
  • STEM Schools and STEM Industry and Business
    This webinar focused on partnerships between K-12 schools and STEM industry and business at the A.J. Wittenberg Elementary School of Engineering and the Center for Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST) at Paradise Valley High School.
  • STEM Schools and Community Partners
    This session focused on partnerships between K-12 schools and community organizations, highlighting Hughes STEM High School and the Cincinnati Museum Center.
  • K-12 Schools as STEM School Partners
    This webinar focused on partnerships among K–12 schools to support STEM teaching and learning featuring a presenter from the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA).
  • K-12 Schools and Partnerships Institutions of Higher Education
    This session focused on partnerships between K-12 schools and higher education institutions in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system.

Defining STEM

  • What is a STEM School? An Introduction
    In this session, presenters from the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame School and Wake North Carolina State University STEM Early College High School discussed their schools.
  • What is a STEM School? Describing STEM School Models
    In this webinar, Outlier and Battelle Center staff presented their current research work on describing and measuring the presence of STEM school models. They referenced the schools featured in the earlier webinars to highlight some of the commonalities and differences across STEM schools and shared a data visualization tool they created to represent the "critical components" of STEM schools.
  • What is a STEM School? Rochester STEM High School
    This session provided an in-depth look at Rochester STEM High School in Rochester, New York. The Rochester STEM High School prepares students for colleges and careers with an emphasis on engineering, health sciences, and information technology.