Implementation Measurement Services

Implementation Measurement Services

Implementation Measurement Services

Making Sense of Implementation

Implementation measurement has two facets. The first is “innovation implementation,” - the extent to which an intervention or program itself is enacted. Some refer to this as “implementation fidelity” or “treatment integrity.” The second facet is the “implementation process” which concerns the contextual factors that may support and/or inhibit innovation implementation. To learn more about the theory and framing of our implementation work, click here.

Getting Started with Implementation Measurement

We have developed a suite of instruments for measuring implementation of instructional resources. We can customize them to fit your program, or, if you use Everyday Mathematics, FOSS, STC, or BSCS Science Tracks, we already have instruments for those programs. The instruments (below) allow for a variety of data sources and may be used in different combinations according to your questions and needs. Once we learn more about your needs and interests, we can recommend a customized plan. To learn more, please contact Amy Cassata.

To learn more about the ways we can customize these services for you, contact:
Amy Cassata

STEM School Services

STEM School Services

STEM School Services

State, district, and school leaders are establishing growing numbers of STEM schools. In an effort to support those efforts, we are making the processes and tools we developed in our research work available to others.

STEM School Model Articulation

We have worked with over 25 schools to carefully and precisely articulate the models of each school. Our model articulation process includes in-depth interviews with key personnel. We synthesize this information and in an iterative process develop a clear description of the school model. We present the models visually, in a way that helps schools communicate about themselves to funders, partners, teachers, students and the greater STEM community.

STEM School and Program Implementation Measurement

A key part of our STEM school work is focused on understanding how STEM schools and programs implement the essential components of their models. We can work with you to measure implementation of your STEM school or program using questionnaires, observations, interviews, and focus groups. We can present the results of our measurement in a variety of ways to accommodate the unique needs and differences of each school that we work with.

To learn more about how we can support STEM schools, contact:
Melanie LaForce

Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services

Evaluations can provide valuable information about a range of issues including your program’s implementation, on-going growth, and effectiveness.

You may be looking for an evaluator because your funder has requested a third-party evaluation; you want to improve your program; you want to share information about program success; you need help describing and understanding your program; or one of many other reasons.

We can help you decide on the best type of evaluation depending on your needs.

Some questions we will explore with you:

Examples of our Evaluation Services Work

Online Evaluation Reports

See all of our evaluation projects.

Data Visualizations

BSI-SSY Data Visualization

Frequency of Taking Students Outdoors

From the Boston Schoolyard Initiative Evaluation Report

See more data visualizations.

To learn more about how we can customize an evaluation plan for you, contact:
Jeanne Century