Special Considerations for Districts

A key goal of the evaluation was to identify important considerations for Boston and other school districts that wish to embrace outdoor instruction as part of their science programs. It is important for all districts that intend to implement similar programs to understand both the challenges they may face and how those challenges may be addressed. This section provides recommendations for BPS specifically, as well as more generally for districts with emerging outdoor instruction programs. The recommendations highlight the important structures and resources that need to be in place for effective, long-term outdoor instruction.


A Note fromPam Pelletier,
BPS Science Department Senior Program Director

“BPS has a strong commitment to high quality science instruction. The resources provided by BSI’s Science in the Schoolyard program have helped BPS teachers actively engage students in ‘doing science’, helping them develop good observation skills, make predictions, talk about science with each other, and connect science concepts to their everyday lives. With BSI, BPS science teachers have proudly led the way in using outdoor teaching to support rigorous science learning.”

Pam Pelletier
Senior Program Director
Science Department
Boston Public Schools