CAPE Summer Student Questionnaire Analysis Summary

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Did CAPE Summer affect students' thoughts about their relationships with computer science?

One of the evaluation goals was to understand students' attitudes toward computer science both before and after their experience with Google CAPE Summer, and identify any differences that appeared to result from attending CAPE Summer. We examined 5 aspects of attitude: 1) interest in computer science; 2) self-efficacy for computer science; 3) perception of computer science as an appealing profession; 4) perception of computer science as creative; and 5) perception of computer science as useful. All of these constructs were identified as being integral to the CAPE Summer mission. Each of the questionnaire items targeting the five constructs can be found in Table 2. Below, we describe how students may have exhibited change in each area. Please note that these findings do not control for other factors such as race, gender, or prior experience with computer science.