Our Approach to Change

We embrace complexity because change is messy.
Variation in implementation is inevitable and complicated. We use tools to bring order to that complexity and hone in on the parts of the change process most aligned with the innovation.
We use knowledge of change, human behavior, and human-centered design.
We focus on our collaborators’ concerns, realistic approaches to addressing them, and making our work useful to collaborators and others.
We use a component approach.
We do more than determine whether an innovation “works” or not. We articulate innovation models into components to understand which parts of it work, for whom, under what conditions, and for how long.
We listen and learn.
We are humbled by our collaborators' generosity with their knowledge and experience. We create partnerships that enable us to learn from one another.
We Co-create.
Co-creation is fundamental to enduring change. We co-create by engaging many stakeholders at many points in our work together.