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Our Tools

Our tools help us and our collaborators describe and organize complex change processes.

The implementation framework is a tool that articulates and organizes innovation models with clear, specific, measurable components. The framework helps generate knowledge about the innovation as a whole and the components most associated with positive outcomes. The framework enables us to learn across varied implementations of a single innovation or different innovations with shared components.
The factor framework organizes, names, and defines over 70 contexts and conditions that may affect innovation implementation. There are four categories: characteristics of the innovation, the user, the organization, and the environment. This framework enables us to work with collaborators to identify, plan for, measure and analyze the roles of key factors.
The capacity framework provides a structure for describing the different capacities needed to implement, spread and sustain innovations. There are four categories: human capacity, organizational capacity, structural capacity and financial capacity.
The sustainability framework provides a foundation for understanding enduring change by aligning needed capacities with program components.
The capacity and will heuristic is a tool for managing the complexity of change by focusing on the two essential components of human change: capacity and will.