What do STEM Schools do?

This infographic, updated from the previous visual developed for the Ohio STEM Learning Network study, shows the 78 components that make up STEM schools. To identify these building blocks, we asked school leaders from over 25 inclusive STEM high school to describe the parts of their schools that are the most essential. These components are the concrete ways that members of STEM schools and their communities work to reach the schools’ goals. The components are organized by the 8 STEM School Elements. You can read more about the 8 Elements here.

How to use this infographic


Select the "By School" box on the left to see which components are the most common among schools. Explore schools individually by selecting one school name, or select more than one to see which components they share. Please keep in mind that this is not meant to represent everything that a school does, but those components that schools identified as most core to their model.

Click the “i” next to each school’s name to get a link to the school's website.


Select the "By Component Type" box on the left to see which components belong to which type. The Component Type indicates whether the component is a structural element or a behavior carried out by a student, teacher, staff member, or other person involved in the school. You can read more about Component Types on the Roadmap findings page.

Click the “i” next to each Component Type to see its definition.


Select a component from the infographic itself to see which schools consider that component essential to their model. The component’s Type will also be highlighted in the box below the school names.

Click the “i” in the component box to see the component definition.

Problem-based learning Rigorous learning School community and belonging Career, technology, and life skills Personalization of learning External community Staff foundations Essential factors